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I develop beautiful web experiences for startups, established brands, and entrepreneurs.

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I am the Senior Lead Developer at Evenbound, Co-founder and former Host for DD Academy, and Lead Developer for the HubSlate project. Working as a web developer for over 7 years, I have developed a passion for all things web. Creating highly complex, useful, and interactive web experiences for all of my clients, with a particular focus on things like accessibility, responsive layouts, and a high level of user friendliness. At Evenbound, my role is to help architect and build web experiences and systems integrations for their clients, so they can get the most out of their websites, marketing automation, and technology stack. Connecting with people, collaborating on interesting ideas, and being able to bring these ideas to life is one of my greatest joys.


Check out my latest appearance on the podcast "Marketing in Minutes", where we discuss the latest buzz around AI! Is it really taking over everything or is it just the latest hype cycle?


Enrollify Exclusives

Check out my interview with Zach Busekrus over at Enrollify discussing the what, how, and why behind the HubSlate Project. A full-stack JavaScript SAAS application I built from the ground up.

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What is HubSlate and Why Does Higher Ed Need It
HubSpot vs Slate


As part of the HubSlate project, I wrote an article laying out the differences and similarities between HubSpot and Slate, and how they can be brought together using HubSlate in order to get the best of both worlds!

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Co-Founder & Host For
DD Academy

Check out DD Academy! A YouTube channel I started for DD Agency to create video tutorials on strategy, technology, and creativity built for the entire enrollment marketing team.

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If you need an engineer for you next web experience, a website that needs building, or just a project your excited about, I'd love to hear from you!